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Holistic Retreat

Our retreats are a 3-4-night stay on the rejuvenating island of Ibiza. We have a bunch of practitioners around our retreat who are here to help alongside your healing process for whatever reason you have chosen to be here. Although everything is available, please remember it is up to you which treatments you prefer to have. Breakfast and a nutritional evening meal, cooked in-house are included in the retreat.

We fully suggest (although this is not a rule) that you fully tap into your inner self and come with open arms to do the work. This will mean no or very little screen time, being vulnerable and fully allowing yourself to release any buried trauma or tensions that are causing emotional distress.

Therapies on our retreat will include:

Goddess Circle

Bongo Drumming


Crystal Therapy 


KAP (Kundalini Activation Process)

Mindfulness, journaling and being around like-minded people. You can silence the outside noise and tap into what you’re looking for. 


If the retreat is not your time, don't forget that we do hold single sessions in our van in the North East, where we are based.

We also have Reiki healing and breath work and meditation sessions available from our Van to be booked separately.

May Retreat

Our retreat is from 26-29 May 2024, see all information above.
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